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Effective Counsel for Employment, Family, Insurance, Injury, Litigation and Business Consulting throughout Florida

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The Bennett Law Firm provides dedicated and detail oriented representation to a diverse client base in a wide range of legal and consulting matters across the State of Florida. The Bennett Law Firm understands navigating the legal system can time consuming, expensive and confusing.  The Bennett Law Firm dedicates itself to delivering cost-effective and straightforward solutions. We have over 22 years of  experience guiding clients in matters relating to employment, family relations, physical injury, insurance, contracts and business consulting, with a reputation for cost effective and thorough representation-whether through delicate negotiations or aggressive litigation.  

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Bennett Law Firm, LLC

301 W. Atlantic Ave. #O-8

Delray Beach, FL 33444





P (855) 644-4874

F (561) 276-9320



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